Stephen Lawrence & Diane Abbott: The Two Race Issues of 2012 So Far…

It’s been an eventful first few weeks of 2012 and the news has been dominated by stories that revolve around racial issues. With Shine championing diversity within the journalism industry, we thought it was essential that we reviewed how both news stories were represented in the media.

Doreen and Neville Lawrence finally found some peace on the 4th January when two of their son’s murderers were jailed for 14 and 15 years. The media handled the trial with sensitivity, sympathy and some may say caution due to Stephen’s death being based on the colour of his skin.

The next day Diane Abbott hit the headlines when she tweeted: ‘White people love playing “divide & rule.” We should not play their game. #tacticasoldascolonialism’ in reference to the Stephen Lawrence trail.  This controversial tweet sparked up a media frenzy, with some in the industry and the general public labelling her remarks as racist, whilst others believed her comments held no racist undertones at all. Whatever side of the fence you sit on in reference to Abbott’s tweet, it was clear to see that she was attacked and vilified by the press.

So Shine spent a couple of days getting your thoughts and opinions about both incidents…

By Tobi Oredein & Funmi Anita Badmus


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