How to use your journalistic voice: Kony 2012

At Shine we always ask students what their specific area of interest is in media. Some say fashion journalism, some say radio, and some students say magazine journalism. As you can imagine we get a wide range of answers as we help over 2,000 students up and down the country.

Yet common goals of everyone working in the media, black or white should be to inform, educate and enlighten their audience. So if your passion is fashion then you need to inform your readers of the latest trends for 2012. If your heart lays with radio journalism then you use your voice to educate listeners about news stories going on around the world. Or if you have a mighty way with words then enlighten and explain issues going on at home and abroad via the internet, newspapers or magazines.

So as a social enterprise and as journalists, the Shine Team deemed it necessary to share the Kony 2012 video with you all on our blog.  So that we can play our part in informing, educating and enlighten you on the importance of this issue.

Please take a look at the video and see how as young journalists we can use the media for a good cause…


By Tobi Oredein


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