Why Shine Media Exists

As Shine’s goal is to create more diversity in the media, we could not ignore a survey that had been released earlier this year, confirming that journalists from ethnic minorities are largely absent from the British Media.

The survey conducted by New Statesman magazine has been a hot topic in the Shine office and just in case you haven’t seen the shocking statistics, Shine thought that we would share them with you.

Results show there are no national newspaper editors or political editors from black or Asian backgrounds. Furthermore, the Guardian’s 2011 guide to the 100 most important people in media featured only one ethnic minority journalist.

The shocking statistics don’t just stop there. The magazine monitored a selection of newspapers between the 5th December and the 11th December, where results showed three national newspapers did not have a single non-white journalist. Finally, only 5 journalists of black or Asian descent have regular fixed broadsheet columns.

As mentioned by Brian Cathcart, journalism lecturer at Kingston University, there is not a shortage of journalists from ethnic minority backgrounds, this is not the problem.  The problem in fact lies with the fact that these journalists do not have the same chance and opportunities to get into the media industry.

This study reinforces why Shine Media was created and the purpose we have for 2012. Ethnic minorities make up 12.5% of journalists and we want to increase this to 15% by the end of the year, by providing you with opportunities to get into the British journalism. This will eventually result in not just more black and Asian journalists but a more accurate representation of ethnic minorities in media.

By Funmi Anita Badmus


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