Amani Carr: My Experience at ITN

Amani Carr

Amani takes his turn on the ITN bench

My experience at ITN has been a very complete one. It’s given me greater knowledge of working within the industry and I’ve been inspired to chase my ambitions – just as a journalist would his story.

The first day there was surreal. Being in the morning meetings, going over the stories of the day and just being able to have a first-hand view of how things are run was great. Going in to the gallery for the lunchtime and evening news was nice to see because it gave me an insight to how TV shows are run and how much goes into making sure the news is broadcasted smoothly. Another interesting thing I saw was how the foreign desk reacts so quickly and efficiently to get on to a new story that has just been reported.

Towards the end of the day I got to see just how quickly the reports that are sent in can be edited and sent to the newsroom. The whole day was both enjoyable and constructive since I had a great discussion with Mark Austin about my ambitions and how to reach them as well as seeing so much of the industry I wish to become a part of.

I had the great experience of actually making a story happen and having to go through each and every step like a true professional. From chasing down interviews to going over my frequently changed script for a piece-to-camera, I was faced will the full demands of perfecting a new report.

Going through the whole process of completing a report and knowing my work is a part of ITN is both an honour and a motivation for me because it gives me the belief that if I continue to work hard then one day I’ll be the one offering a similar opportunity to a young and aspiring journalist.

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