Darren Wee: My Experience at ITN

Darren Wee

I arrived at ITN’s main studios where I was met by Alex Chandler, the editor of London Tonight. I sat in on the morning news conference, where the news agenda for the day is set, and then I pitched several Olympics-related stories to Alex.

He liked one of them enough to ask if they could use it for London Tonight – it was a story about British-Chinese torchbearer Steven Cheung, who will auction his torch in China and use the money to build a school.

I was then given a tour of the newsroom and shown how the website works. The rest of the morning was spent gathering information on the torchbearer and storyboarding my own news package.

Darren on the ITN bench

Halfway through the day one of the news editors told me all of their reporters were busy and asked me if I could interview a local politician on camera. A cameraman drove us to city hall for the interview, which was on the delayed reopening of the M4 before the Olympics.

I arrived back at the studios, tape in hand, in time for the afternoon news conference and spent the rest of the afternoon shadowing a producer while he edited footage and explained the editing process. At 6pm I sat in the gallery and watched as London Tonight was filmed. A great day at ITN was topped off by seeing my interview broadcast to millions of viewers across London.

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