Getting Ahead in Media – Shine Media talks at ‘Be Inspired’ – January 12th 2013


Inspirational YOU returns to the prestigious Birkbeck, University London to launch their Be Inspired series of talks and workshops.  Shine Media will be present on the day to host Getting Ahead in the Media at 12:45pm. Get your free tickets to the event here

This day will host many interactive and informative career and personal development talks in a lively and professional environment to kick start your New Year.

This is an exciting opportunity to meet some of Britain’s most influential leaders and entrepreneurs such as Dr Mark Richard (Imperial College), Zak Akhimiem (Head of Social Media at Getty Images, Jay Davidson (BBC Marketing Manager),  Sharon Spence (Accenture), Christine Armstrong (a former Blackberry Marketing Manager), Mervyn Lyn, (a former Sony Music Vice President), Rodney Hinds (Sports Editor at The Voice Newspaper) and Garry Green (a leading UK Barrister from Tooks Chambers).

Seminars include:

  • Speaking Confidently
  • Setting up a social enterprise
  • Dress like the powerful YOU
  • Leading women, never give up
  • Men who lead and succeed
  • Understanding YOUr money
  • Getting ahead in Law
  • Designing a mobile app
  • I am not void because I am unemployed
  • Getting YOU ahead in the media
  • The art of meditation
We look forward to seeing you there!
Facebook: Shine Media
Twitter: @shine_media

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