How Shine Media intend to reinforce diversity in the media landscape?

What Shine Media believes in, is that in order to better reflect the society the media tries to serve, they need to be encouraged to recruit from Britain’s minorities – be based on race, sexuality, or disability.

But how? You may ask.

In order to do so Shine Media provides all its new talent pools with the relevant training they need to make themselves notice in the media industry.

Indeed, diversity of opinion and perspectives, and of course the different lense of people, are vital ingredients for a lively, balanced and enriched debate across all media, and Shine media strongly feel journalism can play a powerful role in creating cohesion and understanding through dialogue.

However, it may not always be possible for our talent to be given the chance to engage with some of the media institutions. That’s why we are committed to make the magic happen and to offer once in a life time opportunity for perspective employers to meet our talent pools as well as enabling Shine media’s talent to shine their way into the media industry.

So far Shine Media has successfully supported News International, ITV, Pearson Publishing, BBC Magazines, ITN and the Guardian newspaper with their recruitment aims.

So if you feel like Shine Media is the right thing for you please let us know, we will be pleased to hear from you.



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