Writing Opportunity – AfroNoire Magazine


Hi all,

AfroNoire Magazine is currently looking for writers to be part of their team, as well as contributors who will contribute to the magazine from time to time, for the following pages:

  1. Hair
  2. Beauty
  3. Fashion
  4. Style
  5. Love & Sex (Relationships)
  6. Lifestyle (Restaurants & Partying, Design, Technology, Travel, Celebrities News, Education, Events, Shopping,)
  7. Entertainment (Music, Film, Theatre, Dance)
  8. Work (Work life, business, careers, tips, news etc)
  9. Health (Wellbeing – body mind and soul, mental, physical, emotional, sexual)

You must:

  • Be passionate about the section for which you will choose to write
  • Have some form of experience as a writer
  • Be committed to submitting 1 story a week

Click here to read more about AfroNoire Magazine

If you are interested in this role please reply to write@afronoire.com with the following:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Pages you are interested in writing for
  • Are you interest in being a writer for the mag or interested in contributing

If writing isn’t your thing and you are interested in being part of the Afronoire team in another role please get in touch as they have other opportunities available for anyone within the following fields:

  • PR/Social Media
  • Publishing & Design

Don’t forget to mention ‘Shine Media’ when applying.

Good luck!

Facebook: Shine Media

Twitter: @shine_media
Blog: http://www.shinemediauk.wordpress.com


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