The You Generation: Fantastic Food

The You Generation’s turning up the heat this week as they launch a search for YouTube’s best bakers, craziest cooks and superb sizzlers. Here’s a few rules you need to follow in your recipe for success:

1.    The video mustn’t be more than 5 minutes long

2.    You must lick a spoon at some point

3.    The dish must contain 2 ingredients that are yellow and green

A few additional points: You must be over 14, it must be your own material and the entry can’t include any background music for legal reasons.

Also, Epic Meal Time are involved, with an additional video featuring a member of the team.

As per the presenter category, fans can enter here and have until 11.59pm (PST) this Saturday 13th April to do so :¬)

tyg simon cowell

syco entertainment

 The official TYG social details are as below:

•         @Yougeneration

•         #YouGeneration



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