“It was only in the second year of my Biomedical Science degree that I decided I wanted to be a scientific journalist, but I had no idea how to get into the field. A friend of mine who had previously worked with Joanna (Abeyie) suggested I attend a journalism event at the BBC, organised by Shine Media. I didn’t know what to expect from the event, but it surpassed any expectation I could have had, it was amazing. Not only was it informative but the guest speakers were truly inspirational people. The event gave me the opportunity to meet and ask advice from people in the industry that ordinarily I would never get to meet. Shine media has given me the opportunity to meet the likes of Evadney Campbell, Charlene White and Terry Mansfield, MBE. I would advise anyone wanting a career in journalism to attend these events, because networking is the key to a career in journalism, and you never know who you’ll meet.”

– Jennifer Anafi-Acquah

“I have been so fortunate to be able to attend many Shine Media events over the past few years. These experiences have been really invaluable to my development and knowledge the industry. I have been able to go to top industry venues such as BBC Worldwide, the Guardian and Pearson Publishing. What is more, getting the chance to hear leading journalists from diverse mediums share their experiences and offer brilliant advice has been fantastic.  I would definitely recommend anyone with an interest in the journalism to get involved with Shine Media!”

– Tosin Omilaju

“Shine Media is a brilliant organisation – the time and effort that goes into supporting budding journalists is remarkable and the results Shine has produced are so impressive; especially as the Shine team are young journalists who are just starting out in the industry themselves! Goes to show it’s never too soon to give back. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Joanna to organise Shine events, send out job opportunity bulletins to the database of student subscribers and to help in any other way I’ve been able to. I’m happy to contribute to the progress of Shine in any way that I can and look forward to working alongside the team again – Joanna, you are an inspiration!”

– Lauren Ashi

“I was informed about the scheme through my tutor when I was studying for a masters in journalism at Goldsmiths College. I was put in touch with Gill Hudson, editor at Reader’s Digest, who became my mentor over the course of the year. The beauty of the scheme was that the mentoring scheme was quite flexible, and Gill and I were able to discuss how we would use the meetings and what we would do in subsequent meetings.

I met her every month and she gave me journalism projects to do: pitching ideas for the Reader’s Digest, helping me with job applications and giving me tips for interviews. I was also invited to do a week of work experience with the Reader’s Digest, which gave me invaluable experience in magazine journalism, which I had little experience of. It is vital for budding journalists to have a range of experience, especially in such a fluid industry- from news journalism, to magazines, to interactive experience.

Gill gave me feedback on all my work and we have had subsequent meetings since then. The scheme is great because Joanna teams you up with inspiring, friendly and knowledgeable people who are working IN the industry, whereas when you are studying a journalism course you often encounter people who used to be in the industry and have lost touch with journalism’s evolving nature. The scheme and my mentoring experience definitely helped me with my career and enabled me to get a number of interviews with magazines when I was looking for a job.”

– Nalini Sivathasan


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